About Us

Information that matters to your business matters more to us.

about_us_iconThousands of documents are created and filed all over the world each day for business and personal use. Consequently, saving valuable trees has become a main concern as technological advancements open doors of opportunities to mitigate paper problemsthat eventually turn waste in the environment.

The question is: Does your company take part in it?

WE MAKE A MOVE towards a Technology for a Greener Legacy— We are Infobuilder. We represent a dynamic team that strives to combine the power of technology in changing lives and business trends with high concern for the environment.

This is what separates us from the rest.

Infobuilder understands the significance of this green cause that support nation’s economy.

Thus, the strong leverage on mutual and complementary strengths in technical know-how, sales and marketing competencies, and a genuine sense of social responsibility and care for the environment, puts Firstour company together with our partner First data Corp.in a sustainable growth stance, moving onward, building technologies toward a Greener Legacy.

We are a Philippine-based Information Technology firm that pioneers in introducing innovative technology through execution of Documentum Technology, a Document Management System (DMS), that provides the newest and most systematic way of managing documents— paper-less, hassle-free, and with easy access to various clients mostly large industries in the country and in abroad.

Adopting Documentum technology in 2009, we have been recognized as one of the leading consulting firms in the ECM industry after a roster of successful implementation in government and banking institutions including large utility, oil and insurance companies.

Established in 2004, our company has continuously been providing competent IT services recognized world-class through reinventing and pioneering in innovative solutions to its clientele.

Commencing its operations as a SAP consulting, we managed and pioneered SAP projects, executed SAP integration with third party solutions.

Presently, we have made partnership with First Datacorp, another leading IT solution provider through its long-term vision of dominating the local and Southeast Asian content management market.

Our team at Infobuilder takes pride in its number of highly skilled and credible Documentum experts that boasts of proven and demonstrated skills in executing, deploying and supporting large and pioneering ECM projects that transform companies into paperless offices, and saving millions of valuable trees in the process.


VISION: Infobuilder will consistently be the trusted and preferred IT firm providing innovative solutions through Document Management System amongst our local and international-Southeast Asian content management market.

MISSION: In pursuit of our Vision, we commit to engender the highest quality service in document and content management service that meets quality time, cost, project and environmental-friendly objectives in each implementation.


Core_Values_iconCORE VALUES: Infobuilder team knows the value of honesty, responsibility and excellence in cooperation and discipline. Hence, we put in mind the values that we wish to personify as we deliver our tasks as a team. Integrity at every level. Accountability in every task.  Leadership in every sense.


Corporate-Social-ResponsibiCORPORATE  SOCIAL  RESPONSIBILITY: Earth’s condition is worsening day by day due to man’s actions.  In fact, it has already affected the very air we breathe.  The waters and the land formations have been damaged and results of these have caused millions of lives, infrastructure cost and damage to our own planet.

Infobuilder is a company that cares.  Along with the care is the greener move that we genuinely execute to act upon this cause.

As we reinforce the benefits of Document Management Solutions technology to as many clients as we can reach, we believe that we are already making significant steps towards attaining this goal.

Our people believe that it is our social responsibility to apply the advantages of technology in helping human nature maintain its abundance.

Together, with our partners and clients, Infobuilder is working towards a Greener Legacy for an empowered future.