Documentum is still a leader in Enterprise Content Management

Documentum is still a leader in Enterprise Content Management

EMC Documentum is still a leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

The latest result of Forrester Wave for ECM Transactional Content services (October 2015) shows that Documentum is still a leader. The alignment and integration among its products are driving value to its customers. Documentum continues to strengthen its multichannel capture, security and customer communication management thus making it a leader for transactional use cases in life sciences, healthcare management, engineerign and energy.

Also in another report, the Gartner which was published October 2015, Documentum  retained its leadership in the Magic quadrant for Enterprise Content Management. According to the report, Documentum offers extensive ECM components in its portfolio and has advanced its product offerings with cloud and mobile capabilities. It  also boast of a better user experience and enhance collaboration capabilities through the use of its modern user interface (UI), the Documentum D2 client.

Another report that is worth mentioning is the the Ovum ECM decision matrix. This report was published September of 2015 and  declared Documentum 7.2 as a leader for Enterprise Content Management Solution for 2015-2016. The report lists some of the strengths of Documentum in its SWOT assessment. The following are just some of the strengths that was highlighted in their report analysis.

1. Comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) portfolio
2. Extensive Information rights management capabilities.
3. Comprehensive solution for capture and scanning.
4. Case management capabilities


Overall, Ovums recommendation for an Enterprise Content management solution is EMC Documentum. The report also cites that aside from its solutions for energy, engineering, healthcare and life sciences, Documentum has more opportunity to provide solutions for further verticals thru its partner network.  Infobuilder Technologies, Inc. is one of the partner of EMC that can implement the Documentum Enterprise Content management.

Our team at Infobuilder takes pride in its number of highly skilled and credible Documentum experts that boasts of proven and demonstrated skills in executing, deploying and supporting large and pioneering ECM projects that transform companies into paperless offices.

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