Compleo for Leasing

Compleo for Leasing

Over the last few years, several development firms and corporations have been engaged
in providing leasing services. With the opening of more available lands for occupation, the
number of areas being leased and tenants has also increased. But through the course of
the leasing process, vital documents including applications, contracts and agreements are
at a crucial state with the absence of effective administration and collaboration among

In handling thousands of documents, the issues being faced include the lost and
misplacement of documents, submission of repeating documents, and bypassed
approvals. Accuracy of lease information being kept and compliance to deadlines and
expiration of contracts are dealt as well. Because of these difficulties, operational
efficiency cannot be raised to its maximum level and more opportunities are lost in return.

Optimized for use and first in the Philippines, Compleo for Leasing is a centralized platform
designed to work with any task-oriented lease processing system configured according to
the conditions of clients. With a user-friendly interface, it covers all lifecycle stages of retail
leasing application including, but not limited to Retail Leasing Application, Pre
Termination, Renewal or Extension, End of Contract, Amendment, Change in Area, Reconcept,
Change in Company Name, Change in Management, Assignment of Lease, and
Sub Leasing.

Among many, the solution also offers a clear document version history and prevents the
loss of critical communications with its tracker and notification features. Accompanied
with an advanced search capability, users can also quickly and accurately search and
retrieve documents with proper authorization. The status of applications and actions
required are described as well. To fully represent a powerful leasing document
management system, Compleo for Leasing fulfills three (3) core modules:

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  • Initiator: Allows application definition by describing the applicant’s information, application type, document checklist and submission process to include creators, reviewers, approvers, document restriction, prerequisites and completion targets.
  • My Task: Allows performers (creators, reviewers and approvers) to upload and update documents in each lifecycle stage. It enables them to check out documents, check in updates, approve and attach additional documents and comments, and more. Alerts are triggered to each performer to remind them of all impending tasks assigned to them.
  • Project Tracker: Allows viewers to track the progress of each application. It can track where and why the application is progressing and even tracks each document and its corresponding performer.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Benefits:” open=”0″ style=”2″] By using Compleo for Leasing by Infobuilder, the risks and struggles of managing the
growing number of tenants and its associated documents are controlled and
supervised. With the several stages involved, the system provides an organized and
clear management of multiple tasks. Specifically, the solution offers:

  • New and enhanced efficiencies in the management of leasing documentation lifecycle
  • Provision of a detailed document checklist
  • Simple procedures on viewing documents with set permissions
  • On-time task delivery to all performers with deadline and expiration prompts
  • Document submission, review, and approval tracking with application status
  • Convenient web access to core EMC Documentum content services
  • Security, version control, library services, content lifecycles
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