The Project Document Challenge
When executing large-scale projects in fields like construction, energy, and utilities, many organizations struggle to maintain control over project documents. Even the most sophisticated project management tools often lack sufficient document governance and fail to provide sufficient access and version control. As a result, the creation and approval of project documents can become a sluggish process with uncertain accountability. Documents may be submitted multiple times; approvals and communications may be bypassed; lost or misplaced communications may confuse responsibility. The result: time and cost are wasted while compliance and decision-making are jeopardized.

Control, Comply, Simplify
EMC-Certified-logoSpecifically optimized for use in the Philippines, Compleo works with any task-oriented project management system to control document submission, versioning, and compliance for large-scale projects in construction, energy, and utilities. The solution creates a clear document version history, prevents the loss of critical communications, offers quick and accurate search and retrieval, and enables an easy instant viewing of project status, actions required, project timeline, and responsible parties. By ensuring ease and speed in the creation, routing, approval and filing of change orders, Compleo reinforces accountability and prompt action, and helps save time and cost.

To fully complement a modern project management system, Compleo uses a series of intuitive modules:

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  • Configuration Module: Defines templates for other modules and creates system parameters.
  • Project Initiator: Project documents are registered together with the project headers and project details. These contain all metadata about the project, including category, manager, location, and document structure breakdown.
  • Forms Manager: Allows users to trigger electronic or manual forms through pre-defined workflows. Manual forms use barcodes to facilitate uploading and integration of manually triggered forms into the system.
  • Create Job: Assigns tasks for the document nodes in each project. Users choose the job template applicable to a specific project to execute the necessary tasks.
  • Task Manager: All workflow processes can be managed by a single task manager that delivers tasks to individuals on the project. Everyone involved receives a list of pending tasks with criticality and deadlines.
  • Messages: A module that offers powerful collaboration within or outside of the project group. Enables messaging with document details, comments, progress tracking, document events, and versioning.
  • Project Tracker: Project statuses are viewed in this module with traffic color conventions for quick identification of problem areas. It also presents an S_Curve for quick visual assessment of the project, a Google map integration for project locales, and can drill down to specific phases, documents, and logs.
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Benefits:” open=”0″ style=”2″] Compleo by Infobuilder enables users to control the risks and challenges of managing any large-scale project. The simple step-by-step system ensures straightforward management of multiple tasks within a project delivery lifecycle. The solution offers:

  • New efficiencies in project management
  • Definition and enforcement of the project lifecycle Management of workflows, virtual documents, content subscriptions, and categorization
  • Powerful tools to define the document breakdown structure
  • Simple document viewing procedures and viewing permissions
  • Task delivery to all performers with deadline prompts
  • Easy status tracking to identify problem areas and metrics to help solve issues
  • Convenient web access to core EMC Documentum content services
  • Security, version control, library services, content lifecycles
  • Access to both core and advanced content
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Essentials:” open=”0″ style=”2″]
  • Built with reliable EMC Documentum® xCP technology
  • Ideal for large-scale projects in fields like construction, energy, and utilities
  • Optimized for use in the Philippines
  • Ensures all team members have access to a complete set of plans with latest notes and revisions
  • Creates logs of change orders, RFIs, shop drawings, and material submissions
  • Provides instant status updates
  • EMC Certified
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