Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal

Vendor Portal is a web-based system that can be integrated with your website to allow your vendors to register and submit their accreditation papers online. A comprehensive suite of tools and facilities are available to manage online documents that cover the process of document compliance, to accreditation approval and vendor publishing thereby transforming your accreditation procedure into a totally paperless business process.

While the Vendor Portal is exposed to the internet, the documents submitted are forwarded behind your company firewall ensuring that succeeding processes are secured and protected from the outside and unauthorized users.

Vendor Portal allows the aspiring vendors to make online registration with the use of company website. It also helps the accredited vendors of companies to make a review, documentation and processing. Apart from this, the companies can also create vendor codes to easily identify their accredited vendors.

The end to end process of the vendor accreditation via Vendor Portal is as follows:




[spoiler title=”Features” open=”0″ style=”2″]
  • Required products and services are published online
  • Online pre-registration of vendors
  • Vendors may be selected, invited or failed
  • Online submission of accreditation papers
  • Online compliance review
  • Integration with email system for non-compliance process
  • Availability of a waiver facility
  • Endorsement to group specialists like finance, engineering, and legal
  • Workflow facility for final approval
  • Workflow facility to acquire vendor code from ERP system
  • Vendor publishing to ERP system and vendor search engines
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Benefits” open=”0″ style=”2″]
  • Documents are instantly accessible online
  • Eliminate paper copies, printing and filing
  • Instant searching of vendors by category, by location, by size
  • Vendor pooling for future requirements
  • Automatic annual updating
  • Customizable document requirement listing
[/spoiler] [spoiler title=”Essentials” open=”0″ style=”2″]
  • Built around world-class Documentum technology
  • Ensures all vendor records are accessible at any stage of the application
  • Developed for a large company with over 1,000 vendors