Scanning and Indexing

Scanning and Indexing

The Case of a Warehouse (Full) of Paper

IMAGINE. A warehouse full of paper documents; Tons of it; Hundreds and Millions of it—and yet you wonder how you can access the ones you need right when you needed it.

Documents that are existing many decades ago and are continuously piling up in the coming years places a huge problem as accumulated data takes too much space and becomes uncontrollable.

While your company continuously spends a significant percentage of the operations budget for the warehouse staff, maintenance and utilities it is still not erasing the fact that your company’s valuable documents are left in a seemingly abandoned facility, mismanaged for years, uncategorized and most probably deteriorating in space.

Think about that.

Many multinational companies and SMEsgroups have been archiving their document papers that have been around for years.

We are talking about actual warehouses and rooms that hold hundred millions of papers that are assets to a company’s operations.

Just how are these managed? Archived? And made valuable to a company if these documents have been stuck for years?

Digitization is the key. In order to systematically keep these important files, scanning and indexing can archive enormous data and make it easily accessible to those that are allowed to see/ retrieve it.

With scanning and indexing, it is possible to create a methodology in which the taxonomy of documents or the document relationships may be easily sorted.  Through meta-data, descriptions of these documents are automatically created increasing productivity to your company.

While the idea of scanning and indexing may sound easy and simple as purchasing a scanner and let somebody “scan” it.  It should be noted that companies should hire credible and expert teams that have a very good grasp of the technology in order to optimize its potential.

Only the combination of the richest clientele experience, right technology and highly skilled team can help bring out the value of your paper assets.
Infobuilder Guarantees:

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  • search your document from million of files in just a click away
  • protect sensitive data and file sharing with ease.
  • Increase productivity as Document Warehouse, Cabinets and Filing Costs will be eliminated
  • First step into a Paperless Environment. Make your move and make your company and team get inspired with this advocacy that is now being practiced by companies world-wide!
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There are businesses that process huge amount of information on a daily basis as part of their business operations.  Scanning and indexing then becomes a helpful tool in running business operations smoothly and efficiently.  It offers systematic and high quality document management, sharing and omits unnecessary duplication hence it saves paper resources and contributes to the campaign for a greener environment.

This has become a trend amongst business organizations nowadays.  Modern business organizations understand the value of this technology for the betterment of office management.  Time-saving digitize IT solution is certainly one of the keys to a competitive organization.

Infobuilder offers scanning services on-site and off-site depending on client’s needs.  Standard paper documents, records, contracts, memos, legal documents, photos, films, land titles, maps, travel tickets, books, bank checks, xray negative, land titles and almost any kind of paper document may be scanned and digitized.

Scanning particularly features a significant opportunity to REDUCE PAPER usage. Scanning and indexing enables sharing that highly conserves energy use and resources use. It eliminates unnecessary duplications, cost of filing as well as searching.

Through this we are able to help save the environment from added pollutants that may otherwise be solved through digital technology towards a greener legacy.

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A software that intelligently captures and transform paper documents into application-ready information resulting to lower costs, lessening the risks while linking information required to deliver the job.

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Small, medium and large companies can benefit with this technology’s efficiency. It can be implemented quickly across multiple departments and even support large and business-critical applications.

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This technology is capable of capturing any paper document from any type of material. An innovative back-office capture systems, EMC Captiva lets you capture documents from the whole business operation. EMC Captiva automatically connects contents from captured documents with your business system. This is done through automated classification and data extraction tools that can transform capture content from paper documents into ready-to-process business data thus saving money while increasing efficiency and accuracy.[/spoiler]